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Guided tours of the ship and museum take place 7 days a week

1000 ~1100~1200

Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship & Famine Museum

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The Story of a proud Irish Emigrant Ship

A step aboard the Jeanie Johnston is a step towards understanding the daunting experience of the millions of people who crossed the Atlantic in tall ships, seeking survival and hope in the “New World” of North America.

This ship is an accurate replica of the original Jeanie Johnston, which sailed between Tralee in Co. Kerry and North America between 1847 and 1855. During that time it carried 2,500 people on the seven week journey – and despite the hardships and risks, no lives were lost on any of its trips.

The replica gives a vivid sense of the challenges faced by emigrants as they fled from poverty and famine and were thrown together with strangers in cramped conditions, braving a 3,000 mile voyage buffeted by gales and harsh seas.

The ship is is docked at Custom House Quay in Dublin’s city centre and is OPEN FOR VISITORS with guided tours being conducted daily.

A tour of the re-created Jeanie Johnston enables visitors to see what it was like on board a wooden tall ship during the Famine era. It conveys a deep sense of history and is a memorable experience for all who come on board.